1 person dead, suspect in custody after shooting in Toronto's north end, police say

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The site of a shooting in Toronto's north end near Steeles Avenue West and Alness Street.  (Susan Goodspeed/CBC - image credit)
The site of a shooting in Toronto's north end near Steeles Avenue West and Alness Street. (Susan Goodspeed/CBC - image credit)

A man who was taken to hospital with multiple gunshot wounds has died after what police believe was an attempted carjacking in Toronto's north end on Friday.

Two construction workers were also taken to hospital after several were hit by a black pick-up truck driven by the suspect, according to a witness on the scene.

Police said they responded to reports of gunshots around 1:22 p.m. near Steeles Avenue West and Alness Street on Friday afternoon.

"We believed that this was the result of some kind of a carjacking or an attempt to take a car," said Const. David Hopkinson.

Officers found a man suffering from life-threatening gunshot wounds and assisted paramedics to take him to hospital, according to Hopkinson. Police said they also recovered a firearm that may have been used during the shooting.

Hopkinson said one man has been taken into custody and that police do not believe that any suspects are outstanding. A homicide investigation has begun, police say.

Susan Goodspeed/CBC
Susan Goodspeed/CBC

Suspect struck workers, left dog at scene, witness says

Jessica, a witness to the shooting who did not give her last name, said she was driving down Steeles Avenue West and saw a black pick-up truck speed down the street, slam into pylons and hit at least three construction workers.

"He was then dragged out by multiple construction workers, obviously because he tried to injure others, and then shot someone three times, and then was pinned down by construction workers until the cops came," she said.

She added that the person who was shot was a construction worker and that she saw two others taken to hospital.

She believed the man was either drunk or a worker entering the site until she saw how fast he was going, she said.

"You don't go 80 kilometres into a construction site head on."

Susan Goodspeed/CBC
Susan Goodspeed/CBC

She also found a dog, which she believes came from the suspect's pick-up truck. None of the construction workers has claimed the dog so far and it doesn't seem to belong to anyone nearby, she said.

"Poor dog, I hope he finds his owner," she said.

Steeles Avenue West has been closed near the area and police say drivers should consider alternate routes.

Police are also asking that anyone who has dashcam footage or who may have witnessed the shooting to contact their investigators.

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