Man says arrest “one of the best things that happened to me”

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A Corunna man avoided jail time for cocaine trafficking after the court recognized positive changes he’s made since being arrested.

Chris McArthur, 23, plead guilty to trafficking the drug in June. The January 2020 police raid in Sarnia where he was arrested yielded 13.45 grams of cocaine along with Xanax, codeine and $1,000 cash.

The cocaine, worth about $1,350, “is on the lower end” of the trafficking spectrum according to Crown Attorney Brian Higgins. The prosecutor adds McArthur has no criminal record and “hasn’t been in trouble since he was arrested.”

A pre-sentence report says McArthur has improved “in terms of employment and lifestyle and motivation.”

The guilty party also acknowledged how the whole process has actually worked in his favour. “Being arrested was one of the best things that happened to me. It’s allowed me to get my life on track and get back to working.”

“I’m doing a lot better and I don’t perceive myself committing any crimes in the future,” says McArthur.

A joint submission between Higgins and Defence Lawyer David Stoesser established a nine month conditional sentence. McArthur will spend the first five months under full house arrest and the final four on a curfew. After that he’ll be on a year of probation.

“You have recognized the value of getting caught and bringing an end to something that you’re putting behind you and moving forward in a more constructive way in your life,” says Justice Deborah Austin.

The justice says she has “confidence that you have taken this all very seriously and have been showing your compliance with the court system from your time of arrest.”

McArthur’s sentence also includes a 10 year weapons ban, item forfeitures and DNA order. He has non-contact orders with three people, must take counselling for substance abuse and pay a $200 fine.

Alex Kurial, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Independent

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