Man seen carrying pizza boxes sideways leaves many baffled online

Photo from Imgur.

A photo taken in Toronto of an unknown man carrying some takeout pizza has left some social media users scratching their heads in confusion.

A Reddit user posted this image on Imgur over the weekend showing an individual transporting pizza boxes in an unusual way. It appears this man made the decision to carry his pizza boxes vertically in a plastic shopping bag instead of the universally-accepted method of holding pizza boxes horizontally.

“I think I’m witnessing a drug deal. I mean who the hell carries their pizza like that?” the caption of the photo reads.

This photo is a troubling sight for many as there seems to be little regard for the structural integrity of the pizzas contained inside the boxes. The concern is the end result of this carrying method will likely be a mess of cheese, toppings and sauce that fell off the pizza and piled into the corners of the box once opened.

As the photo began to circulate online, so did the theories of just why someone would decide to transport their pizza in such a manner.

Some speculated the pizzas were perhaps frozen, or maybe it was actually calzones contained inside the boxes. But the original source of the photo quickly ruled out these explanations due to the fact that Canadian restaurant chain Pizza Pizza doesn’t sell frozen pizzas and calzones typically come in a different type of box.

And the discussion only continued after the photo eventually found its way to Twitter. The general consensus was that an unforgivable sin had been committed by this man.

“Only a serial killer would carry pizzas like this,” wrote on Twitter user.

“I cried a little bit looking at this photo,” another commenter tweeted.

But it looks like at least one person who saw the photo wasn’t all that surprised to see someone make such a socially-unacceptable action when it comes to food delivery.

“My dad carries all takeout sideways. He for some reason thinks that a container is a magical vessel that holds food in exactly the right shape, every time,” a Reddit commenter wrote.

“Earlier he brought home Mexican food, sideways and dripping on the floor. Didn’t notice at all (until) he opened the container.”