Man serving sentence for 'savage' attack back in custody on assault charge

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A man serving a sentence for a "brutal and savage" attack on a woman in a Prince George park is back in custody for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend.

Keanen Drew Norman Duncan, 28, was sentenced in January 2016 to a further four years in prison followed by a 10-year long-term supervision order (LTSO) for a May 2013 incident at Lorne Park.

Now serving the long-term supervision portion of his sentence in a halfway house, Duncan was arrested in Richmond on March 20 and remains in custody on a count of assault, according to court records.

In addition to the count, the parole board is recommending he be charged with breaching the LTSO. If found guilty of both counts and the assault is deemed an indictable offence, Duncan could face a further 10 years of long-term supervision on top of any sentence he receives for the assault.

As it stands, his current LTSO lasts until January 2030.

According to a May 19 parole board decision on the matter, Duncan is alleged to have punched his girlfriend in the face at a transit station after the two and another person had been drinking at a shopping mall.

Duncan began serving the LTSO in January 2020. He initially completed a sex offender maintenance program, participated in trauma counselling with a psychologist and you secured full-time work as an electrical apprentice.

But by October 2020, he had breached a condition to abstain from drugs condition by using crystal methamphetamine and in December 2020, his residency condition was extended by a year.

In sentencing him in 2016 for the attack at Lorne Park, a B.C. Supreme Court Justice described Duncan's actions as "unprovoked" and "brutal and savage."

While he initially denied the act, Duncan eventually pleaded guilty to aggravated sexual assault, attempted robbery and uttering threats.

He also admitted to alcohol and drug abuse and to attacking the woman to get some money to pay off a drug debt. When she told him she didn't have any money, Duncan grabbed her by the throat and punched her in the head until she fell to the ground on her stomach, then assaulted her.

The attack ended when a man living near the park heard her cries and ran over to help her. When he yelled at him, Duncan got up and started to walk away. Following Duncan from a distance, he called 911.

Three days later, Duncan was arrested.

He initially denied carrying out the attack but RCMP noticed a crescent-shaped cut on his left-ring finger from where the woman bit him and his story about what he was doing at the time was not supported by evidence from a surveillance camera.

RCMP executed a search warrant and found clothing from the woman and a bandana that turned out to be soaked in her blood.

As well, a woman who had been jogging in the area earlier in the evening identified Duncan from a photo lineup and said he made suggestive comments as she went by him.

In August 2018, and while serving the prison term, Duncan's request for parole was denied. A parole board panel found would "likely commit an offence causing serious harm to another person."

Mark Nielsen, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Prince George Citizen

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