Man smashes glass at Toronto Tim Hortons over coffee dispute

Photo from CP.

An altercation allegedly over a dime quickly turned into a scene of shattered glass at a Tim Hortons in Toronto over the weekend.

The startling incident was caught on camera as it took place inside a coffee shop located near Jane Street and Alliance Avenue, which is generally considered to be one of the city’s rougher areas.

The video uploaded Saturday to YouTube on shows a man engaged in a loud yelling match with a Tim Hortons employee. The video’s description attributes the argument to the customer being short 10 cents for his cup of coffee.

WARNING: The video below contains graphic language and violence.

The video begins in the middle of a verbal confrontation between employee and customer. The woman in her Tim Hortons uniform is telling the man to leave the store while he tells her to back off.

The man appears to be heading out of the store when he spots an object, picks it up and smashes it into a display case for baked goods. He ends his fit of rage by reaching for a cookie, taking a bite and tossing it on the floor before storming off.

A few seconds later, he returns to the scene with a few choice words about the establishment and then walks out again.

According to a report by a London, Ont., radio station, the man has not been apprehended.

It’s unclear how much damage was caused by the incident, but it’s safe to assume it was more than 10 cents.