Man sparks rage after asking to split the bill on date over appetizer he ‘didn’t touch’

Many first dates can often include the awkward “check dance” - when it can be unclear who is paying the check, or if it will be split among two people.

Recently, one man took to TikTok to share his experience asking his Tinder date to split the check. “Tinder date was mad that she had to split the bill,” he wrote over the clip, which was posted under the username @thewaterboy. The man was seemingly recording the date that he was on, as he showed the check with one credit card in it.

The video then showed a woman placing a second card into the folder, before he asked his date: “What’d you say?”

“Why are we splitting the bill?” she replied with a question. He explained that because it was a first date, maybe they should split the bill. The video later cut to the two of them sitting in the car, with the woman still discussing how they split the bill. “I can’t believe you made us split the bill,” she said.

“I mean, you ordered an appetizer that I didn’t even touch. Why do you think that I should pay for...” he told her, before she interjected: “Okay, but you asked me out.”

He replied: “I know, but you ordered something that I didn’t...”

She chimed in again, saying: “You asked me out.” The man decided to drive her home and attempted to say goodbye multiple times. She simply said, “Bye,” and slammed the car door.

“I don’t even know her and she wanted to split the bill???” his TikTok caption began. “After SHE ordered an appetizer that I didn’t want!! THIS is what it’s like dating in MIAMI smh. I gotta move somewhere else, these girls are ENTITLED.”

His video received more than four million views, as many people in the comments section expressed how much they disagreed with him. Several commenters took the woman’s side, mentioning that the person who asked for the date should be the person who pays the check.

“I’m with her. You asked for the date… you pay!” one comment read.

Another commenter agreed, writing: “You asked her out dude. That means, you pay buddy.”

“If you ask someone on a date you pay. If you don’t intend to then you make that known upfront,” a third commenter pointed out.

Other commenters said they wouldn’t have minded splitting the bill if he had specified being low on money, or even asked to split the bill before the date had started.

“Bruh... just say you don’t have enough money to go on the first date? Doesn’t matter if it’s a Tinder date. Be a gentleman about it,” one commenter wrote.

“Coming from a dude, This is something that should have been communicated to her prior to going out. ‘Hey, it is our first date. Would you agree...’ etc,” another commenter said.

A third commenter agreed, writing: “I think if you ask her out and also have the expectation that you split the bill, you talk it over with her AHEAD OF TIME.”