Man spotted on Toronto bus with massive tub of frosting

Have you seen this man and his tub of icing? Photo from Twitter

Public transport is proving to be a rich place for inspiration lately, particularly when it comes to the strange. Whether it’s a Goth girl riding around with a raven, or an exhausted commuter unsuccessfully transporting a pizza, the daily ride is often stranger than fiction.

Take, for example, Toronto transit rider Craig Calhoun’s recent brush with the bizarre. While riding the 47 Landsdowne bus, he spotted a man with a massive tub that contained Cinnabon frosting for Taco Bell, according to the packaging. Naturally, Calhoun snapped the surreal moment and posted it online.

The photo shows a man with grey hair seated next to an enormous cardboard tube, which resembles a toilet paper roll. He has his hand firmly gripping the plastic top of the container.

Twitter users’ reaction ranged from intrigue to bafflement to hunger.

Naturally, Cinnabon chimed in too.

What we’ve learned from this strange scene is that Taco Bell has a menu item that uses Cinnabon frosting.

Whether this is a genius marketing strategy or simply a strange scenario remains to be seen.