Man threatens Little Caesars workers with AK-47 during 10-minute wait, TN police say

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A Tennessee man threatened employees of a Little Caesars restaurant with an AK-47 because he had to wait for his pizza, police told local outlets.

Charles Douglas Doty Jr., 63, of Knoxville ordered a pepperoni pizza at the store on Nov. 19. Employees told him that his order would take 10 minutes to make, and he became upset and demanded a free order of breadsticks, WBIR reported.

He went outside to wait for his order and returned shortly after with an AK-47, demanding that the employees give him his order immediately, police said, according to WATE.

He noticed an employee who was trying to leave the store and stopped him, asking “where in the hell” he thought he was going, WVLT reported. A woman who already had received her order gave her pizza to Doty in hopes that he would leave, WVLT reported.

The employee he confronted ran to the back of the store and called 911, WBIR reported, but Doty left before police arrived.

Kimberleigh Smith, a former employee of the restaurant who was working that night, told WVLT that she was “shocked” this happened over a $6 pizza.

“I was taking care of a female customer and she was just getting ready to leave, then he gets the gun,” Smith told WVLT. “He pointed at me, saying, ‘Where is my d--- pizza, I want my pizza.’”

Doty was later arrested and charged with four counts of aggravated assault and one count of especially aggravated kidnapping, multiple outlets reported. He was taken into custody on a bond of $90,000, WATE reported.

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