Man Weeps After His Home Was Destroyed in Fatal Earthquake

At least nine people died and 37 others were injured in eastern Turkey on Sunday, Frebruar after a magnitude 5.9 earthquake struck near the Iranian border region, Turkey’s state media reported.

Turkey’s National Disaster and Management Authority (AFAD) said in a statement that after the earthquake, a total of 24 aftershocks occurred, two of which were above 4.0 magnitude.

In this video, a man can be seen weeping after his home was destroyed in the earthquake.

Adnan Bilen, a reporter with the Mezopotamya Ajansı, said the man’s animals were killed in the earthquake and were buried under the rubble. He said the man can be heard saying “Why did this happen to us?” Credit: Adnan Bilen/Mezopotamya Ajansı via Storyful