Man, woman found dead from suspected drug overdoses in Winnipeg

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Man, woman found dead from suspected drug overdoses in Winnipeg

Winnipeg police are still waiting to confirm what caused the deaths of a 31-year-old woman and a 23-year-old man in Winnipeg's Daniel McIntyre neighbourhood on Wednesday evening.

Emergency crews were called to a townhouse on the 700 block of McGee Street just after 7 p.m..

Police said Wednesday night it was believed the two people had died of drug overdoses.  

On Thursday, Const. Jason Michalyshen said police are still waiting for autopsy results, but confirmed drug paraphernalia was found at the scene.

"Very sad discovery where we have two adults, clearly passed away," said Michalyshen. "We have to conduct our investigation very thoroughly and very professionally and that's what we are doing right now, obviously under the direction of the medical examiner."

Michalyshen said drug paraphernalia could include anything from drug residue to containers or bags used to carry drugs.

"Based on our assessment of the suite where the two deceased were located, we're confirming that some form of drug paraphernalia has been identified and certainly may play a significant part with respect to our investigation and ultimately the cause of death of these two individuals," he said. 

Police don't have much right now on who the victims were, Michalyshen said, but they do suspect drug overdoses.

"Right now we just have some preliminary information with respect to the individuals. We're acknowledging today that two individuals, two adults, a male and a female have died as a result of potentially a drug overdose." 

Neighbour worried

Monica Madonick has lived in the same complex where the bodies were found for two years.

She said she normally keeps to herself, but became concerned when police showed up around 6 p.m. Wednesday. 

"Around supper time, I guess, I seen the cops, coming driving by.... But every day you see cops. But the fire truck was out there for a long time and I started to wonder what was going on."

She said it's scary to hear of incidents like this so close to home. She didn't know much about the woman who lived in the suite but described her as a pleasant person. 

"She was a nice lady actually, she was a younger woman. She always came here for wifi," Madonick said, saying the woman would ask her for her password. "I always gave it to her. She looked lost," she said. "She always looked so sad."