Man wrestles with suspected drunk driver in middle of Red Hill Valley Parkway

A suspected drunk driver who fled his vehicle after crashing into a Red Hill Valley Parkway guardrail was wrestled to the ground by another driver in the middle of the highway's traffic lanes.

Part of the encounter during last Wednesday's rush hour was captured by another motorist's dash cam and is being widely shared on social media.

The video begins after a concerned citizen got out of his own car and chased after the man who had just crashed his SUV. The video shows the two wrestling in the highway's middle lane while traffic grinds to a stop around them. He was trying to hold the suspected impaired driver until police arrived.

Hamilton police confirmed the incident to CBC.

According to police, citizens observed a vehicle driving in a dangerous manner before it collided into a guardrail.

Police also confirmed that a citizen detained a man until their arrival.

A 27-year-old faces charges of failing to remain, driving while disqualified, dangerous driving, and breach of probation.

In the Facebook comments where the video was posted, a man by the name of Adam Lowe revealed himself as the person to have brought the driver down.

"He ran out into traffic before the police could arrive and tried getting into other people's cars trying to get away. That's why I tackled him," said Lowe in the Facebook comments.  

CBC is trying to contact Lowe.