Mandatory connections

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Several Glencoe property owners are about to experience what has been surprising residents of neighbouring municipalities as development expands sewer lines in town: a steep bill.

The cost to five affected properties will total about $75,000. That brings the sewers lines up to the properties but does not connect them — that added expense is also on the owners. Only three now have homes on them: two on Bute Street and one on Montrose Street.

Southwest Middlesex is taking the opportunity to build the sewer lines thanks to the construction of the Lochlin Glenn subdivision, which pays for lines but only within the subdivision. It is in the official municipal plan that all development within the Glencoe Urban Area and the Wardsville Community Area shall be connected to and serviced by the municipal sanitary sewage system.

Council unanimously directed staff to meet with the landowners on Bute and Montrose Streets to discuss mandatory connections by their properties; and that staff report the results back to council for further direction.

Coun. Martin Vink said he wanted developers to have more responsibility to pay for municipal sewer pipes.

“If we had been collecting development charges the last 15 years here we would be putting this servicing in, you’re correct. But we don’t have that money in the bank. We’re just sort of entering the development charge world here in the future,” said director of operations Greg Storms.

Chris Gareau, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Middlesex Banner

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