Mangle nightclub attack: Australian models tell of terror after being burned in 'acid attack'

Barney Davis

Two sisters among a dozen clubbers who suffered chemical burns in a horrific nightclub acid attack today urged the perpetrators to hand themselves in, saying: “It’s a miracle noone was killed”.

Isobella and Prue Fraser, both models from Australia, were both sprayed with the noxious liquid after a fight broke out on the dancefloor at the 600-strong LoveJuice warehouse party in Dalston.

Detectives are today reviewing CCTV footage taken inside Mangle nightclub as a manhunt continues for the culprits who fled amid terrifying scenes of “sheer panic” after the attack at around 1am yesterday.

Isabella Fraser, 22, was visiting her sister Prue, 20, who moved to Chelsea seven months ago from Sydney to work part-time as a nanny.

They arrived at the club at 11.30pm after a last-minute invitation from a friend.

Isobella Fraser said she was left unable to breathe due to her panic during the attack

Prue told the Standard: “I saw two men walk in and you could tell they were looking for trouble. The attack seemed very targeted.

“I ended up in the middle of this fight and I was thrown over the barrier near the bar with all my stuff.

“Getting up I could feel my arm was burning. It was like boiling water had been poured over me but like I was cut as well. I have never experienced anything like it, it was excruciating.

Emergency services outside the Mangle nightclub where 12 people were burned by noxious substance (@PhieMcKenzie)

“We saw six other girls who had it in their eyes, faces and chest areas they were screaming and crying.

“Everyone was reacting really slowly, people had no idea what was going on. I couldn’t find my sister and I was panicking. We just needed to get out of there.”

Isobella added: “I was freaking out. I couldn’t breathe, I was coughing. I just got this thing on my arm and I realised it was some sort of acid.

“I have third-degree burns on my arms and on my back, and my shirt that I was wearing actually stuck to my skin.”

The sisters treated themselves with ice cubes on their burns and after giving up waiting for an ambulance they headed home before being persuaded by their mother via Skype to go to hospital.

Prue added: “To be honest I just want to move back to Australia and be back with my family so they can see I’m okay. I normally go out in central London and this was the first time I had been east, I don’t think I’ll be going back.”

Witnesses said that clubgoers had been seen pouring water over themselves while others described chaotic scenes as hundreds fled.

Video footage shows the sold-out venue’s corridors filled with clubbers wrapped in medical blankets, while fire officers filed past.

Isobella shared this image of her bandaged body after being treated for burns

Surrounding roads were closed as paramedics and a hazardous area response team were sent to the scene as the basement nightclub was cordoned off.

Isobella urged the attackers to hand themselves in saying: “If people want to fight or whatever then just take it outside.

“Don’t hurt innocent people - it’s very lucky no one was killed. I thought we were getting gassed, I thought it was a terrorist attack.”

​TOWIE stars Jamie Reed and new girlfriend Jade Lewis were at the event with co-star Chloe Meadows.

Celebrity Big Brother star and former Spurs footballer Jamie O’Hara revealed his cousin Sadie Wright was one of those injured, condemning the “sick act of violence”.

He wrote on Twitter: “What is wrong with world that innocent people have to get hurt?”

A Met spokesman said there was a dispute between two groups, adding: “This resulted in a noxious substance being sprayed by a male suspect.. it is believed to have been acidic.”

A spokesman for Mangle said it was co-operating with the police investigation.

Police said there was no indication the attack was gang-related and there have been no arrests.

Anyone with information is asked to call Hackney CID via 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.