Manitoba Progressive Conservatives to elect new leader in April 2025

WINNIPEG — Manitoba Progressive Conservatives are to select a new leader on April 26 of next year.

The party is to choose a replacement for former premier Heather Stefanson, who stepped down earlier this year.

Wayne Ewasko has been serving as interim leader of the Tories, who have been in Opposition since losing the 2023 provincial election.

The Tories recently changed their rules for selecting leaders.

Instead of a strict one-member, one-vote system, the party has adopted a points system that caps the influence of constituencies with large membership numbers.

Party rules also now allow for online voting as well as mail-in ballots, although the final decision rests with a committee that will lay down detailed rules for the contest.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published April 16, 2024.

The Canadian Press