Man’s chilling revelation about dead bodies found on property

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A US man has made a chilling revelation that he is finding two or three dead bodies on his property a year while his neighbour is discovering almost 10.

Whit Jones, a rancher from the US state of Texas, said the discovery of the dead bodies was a "terrible situation" as they were migrant men desperately seeking asylum in the US.

Mr Jones told Fox News his neighbour had been finding close to 10 bodies on his ranch a year in the past decade, while he uncovers "three or four".

Bracelets used by 'coyote' people smugglers and inscribed with the names of immigrants who crossed illegally from Mexico to the US to seek asylum are discarded near the Rio Grande river.
Discarded bracelets with the names of immigrants who crossed illegally from Mexico to the US. Source: Getty

It is believed the bodies belong to single men seeking a new life in the US, while more women and children are qualifying for asylum.

"Right now we're hardly seeing any children or women... those people aren't having to make this journey," Mr Jones said.

"There's a little bit more of a dangerous situation – you have single men coming up and, you know, there's a sense of fear that exists down here all the time.

"It's a terrible situation."

Alarming migrant statistic revealed

Apprehensions of undocumented migrants on the US border with Mexico soared 70 per cent in March to 172,331, hitting the highest level in 15 years, data showed on Thursday (local time).

The number of unaccompanied children they detained after crossing the border doubled in March from February to 18,663.

Another 227 were intercepted by immigration officials at official border crossings, taking to 18,890 the number of migrant minors the Biden administration has had to accept for resettlement, overwhelming its shelters and processing facilities.

An aerial photograph of the border of the US and Texas.
A surge in numbers of migrants crossing the border between Mexico and the US has been recorded. Source: Getty Images

The US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) said the number of people caught illegally crossing the border with Mexico in the six months since October was nearly 570,000, up 24 per cent from the same period a year ago.

The agency blamed the surge on "violence, natural disasters, food insecurity, and poverty in Mexico and the Northern Triangle countries of Central America".

CBP said nearly 104,000 of the border crossers were expelled back into Mexico, most of them single adults, under rules based on Covid-19 pandemic protections.

But the unaccompanied children and tens of thousands of migrants who arrived in family units with small children have been allowed to stay in the country, creating a large political and social headache for the Biden administration.

US President Joe Biden has said the surge is seasonal and predicted a downturn, but previous years show a pattern of a migrant surge in the early months of the year that doesn't die off until the border weather gets very hot in May or June.

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