Manu Ginobili, 39, dunked all over the Rockets (Video)

Manu Ginobili is less than three months away from his 40th birthday. But the old man can still get up!

Ginobili careened down the lane and dunked all over the Houston Rockets — with his right hand! — in the second quarter of Game 5 in San Antonio:

NBA Twitter, of course, lost its collective mind:

As Tas Melas of The Starters pointed out, this was not the first time Manu surprised everybody with a flying dunk in a big playoff game:

Ginobili isn’t the dunker he once was. Per Basketball Reference, he dunked just twice during the 2016-17 regular season, and has only thrown down five dunks in the last three seasons. That gives you an idea of why the dunk was so impressive. It came out of nowhere.

In fact, even Ginobili was surprised:

But young Manu used to be a prolific dunker, at least by balding white guy standards. He threw down 20 in his second season in the NBA and 22 in his third year. Now he’s turning back time and still rising up over a decade later.

The dunk wasn’t the end of Ginobili’s night either. He scored crucial points down the stretch, and block a potentially game-tying James Harden 3-point attempt at the buzzer in overtime:

It was quite the night for Manu, and quite the night for the Spurs, who held off the Rockets in OT despite losing Kawhi Leonard to an ankle injury.