How many days has it rained in Sacramento this year? Here’s a look at seasonal records

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The past three months in California — record rainfall, cold streaks and a monstrous snowpack — couldn’t be farther than the dry, warm winter predicted.

If this winter feels rough, said meteorologist Eric Kurth with the National Weather Service, it’s probably because of the cold, gloomy weather mixed with ongoing atmospheric river storms. According to the Sacramento rain meter, it’s rained nearly half of the year so far. It’s rained 37 of the last 78 days — or 47% of the time.

In Sacramento, it rained every day for the first 11 days in January.

The city received a single day of dry weather and then another four days of constant rainfall before its two-week dry spell. More than 7 inches of rain fell, which is almost twice the normal amount for January.

Weather in February followed a similar trend, with significantly less rain.

Several days of back-to-back showers, blocks of dry weather and then another long stretch of precipitation produced a total of 2.56 inches of rain. The normal amount for the month is 3.63 inches.

The region is already more than an inch over its rainfall average for March at 3.38 inches.

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To say its been a wet winter in California is an understatement. Still, Sacramento is nowhere near breaking records.

California’s wet season is typically from October to April. As of Sunday, this year is currently ranked the 11th wettest season in the region with 24.16 inches of rain, Kurth said.

The city recorded the most rainfall in a single water season more than a century ago. Here’s how this wet season compares to previous years in Sacramento, with totals pulled by the National Weather Service:


  1. 1890 - 30.19 inches

  2. 1983 - 28.69 inches

  3. 1886 - 28.03 inches

  4. 1986 - 27.93 inches

  5. 2017 - 27.73 inches

When will it rain and snow again in California?

You haven’t escaped the wet weather yet.

Another atmospheric river storm is forecast to hit California this week, bringing rain, snow and wind to an already saturated state.

The heaviest rain is slated for Southern California and the heaviest snow could hit the mountains as well as the Central Sierra, according to the National Weather Service.

In Sacramento, showers are forecast to start early Tuesday with thunderstorms and winds from 7 to 16 mph as well as gusts as high as 25 mph.

The rain could end by Wednesday night.

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