How many QBs will be selected in the first round?

With few teams expected to draft quarterbacks, Charles Robinson and Josh Norris share which QBs may be picked first in a small field

Video Transcript

JOSH NORRIS: We have talked a lot about other positions, but we keep coming back to not being able to place these quarterbacks. Charles, right now, the over under is at 2 and 1/2 of these quarterbacks to go. It's been that way for a very, very long time. I'm thinking the under. The further we get along, the more maybe just some bias of looking at this class, it's tough to place them. And the only one that I feel certain of at this moment is the Pittsburgh Steelers at 20.

CHARLES ROBINSON: Developing my feeling about Seattle changed kind of how I-- like, I was like, oh, I really felt like Willis was a possibility there, and now I feel like less so. And now-- and then I was, like, uh-oh. Like, where am I going to put-- like, now that I start to slide this around, what's going to happen here is-- somebody said, this is a general manager, I don't even know when the quarterbacks are going to start coming off the board, let alone how many are going to go in the first round.

This is because I'm trying to-- I was trying to explain to, like, personnel people what they already know, which is like, hey, I think part of the reason why this is so chaotic is typically at least we can nail down the quarterbacks, like, in a draft, and that helps us sort out everything else.

But this one, we can't nail down the quarterbacks or even the first round, first overall pick, at this point. But I had a different general manager said, I would bet my bottom dollar Willis does not fall out of round one. Because I was really, like, you get the seesaw opinions on him.

Like, some people really like him a lot. And I said on Twitter spaces there was a team with an established quarterback that told me, like, hey, we had a serious discussion about maybe we just draft that guy, including, you know, it's going to start a lot of shit in our place, we got an established guy, but we're going to draft him anyway.

And then others, I had another NFC front office guy told me, like, just straight up, no, he's not first round. Like, no. Flat out, no. Like, don't ask me anymore. He's not a first round pick.

OK, so, 2 and 1/2. You think it's the under. You think it's 2.

JOSH NORRIS: I think it's 2. I'm not certain it's Kenny Pickett though. I think Malik Willis gets there because of traits.


JOSH NORRIS: Kenny Pickett just doesn't have traits, to be honest with you. Like, if we--

CHARLES ROBINSON: With Pittsburgh? Do you think Willis, like, Pittsburgh?



JOSH NORRIS: What do you think?

CHARLES ROBINSON: Yeah, no, I like that. I do. Another team in that division, early on when I was doing some work on Willis, said, like, hey, watch Pittsburgh. Like, they really, really thought very strongly about him ultimately landing in Pittsburgh. I'm with you on Pickett.

You know, like, when you-- people telling you, like, I don't know how many dome teams are there, like, with Pickett. Like, you know, because [INAUDIBLE] pick the dome teams and figure out if they have quarterbacks. I'm like, geez, that's a pretty rough.

JOSH NORRIS: And where we've gotten with this, would I be totally shocked if, like, Desmond Ridder is the first quarterback off the board? No.


JOSH NORRIS: But there's a couple-- but I think we can count on one hand how many teams might take a quarterback in round one, OK? Panthers in a trade up.


JOSH NORRIS: Pittsburgh Steelers.


JOSH NORRIS: Then you get to, hey, New Orleans Saints have two first rounders, but I think that they're in their mindset is win-now. How they've built everything until it's win-now and we'll worry about quarterback another time. So, maybe not them.

The Atlanta Falcons, as basically in what you said, if they trade out of eight, if they get a great offer, could maybe two first round picks, one of them then be spent on a fifth-year option of a Desmond Ridder, or Matt Corral, or someone?

Tennessee, you know. Maybe are they trying to look too far ahead. That's it. And I'm not even of the belief that Tennessee. I just have seen them do a lot of homework on quarterbacks this year. That's it.

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