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Also launched in 1981, this rudimentary machine was the follow-up to the ZX80. It was developed by Sinclair Research as an affordable way for people to get into home computers. It was rigged up to a TV, rather than a dedicated computer display. (Evan-Amos/Wikipedia)

How many do YOU remember? Retro home computers of yesteryear

With the reimagined ZX Spectrum handheld currently delayed, we’ll just have to look elsewhere for our retro computing fix for now.

We’ve already been through a brief history of Nintendo consoles following the launch of the long-awaited Switch, and now it’s the turn of home computers.

From the basic ZX81 to the school day classic BBC Micro, the endearingly clunky computers of yesterday will always have a special place in our hearts despite having only a fraction of the processing power that most of us have on our phones.

Here are some of the best retro home computers from the pas