MAP quite successful

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The initial idea was presented to the town council in January 2020, after staff from the Community Resource Centre received food prep/cooking requests. The information was given to council as a pilot project and would operate similarly to the well-known Meal on Wheels program. The program fell into place quite well as it was just a matter of contacting the Edmonton Meals on Wheels and get signed up as a partner,” stated Brianne Staples, FCSS & Youth Facilitator with the Town of Fox Creek. Following council approval, the FCSS staff could get a variety of donors and grant funding, making the program possible.

The meal program is designed to be affordable and very nutritious. All food is cooked and prepared by the Red Seal Chef at the Edmonton Meals on Wheels facility in their commercial kitchen and frozen. The menu itself is geared for everyone’s different tastes in food items. They have many menu options, whether you fancy pork, beef, chicken, or even seafood. No meal is complete without vegetables, potatoes or rice. And for those with a sweet tooth for dessert, the Chef’s Choice meals can accommodate that too. The best part about the MAP program is the meals come pre-cooked and frozen, so you can store them in your freezer for whenever you’re ready for a quick meal.

The MAP program launched in September 2020, and the first set of meals rolled out mid-month to the residents who signed on to give it a try. As it was a pilot project, staff started slower with accepting orders by the 15th of each month. As the weeks passed and the program became more successful, staff increased meal orders twice a month. There are no set limits or restrictions for the program usage, so long as payments are made before orders are placed.

The current health restrictions have put a damper on the program, and the numbers declined in October, however in the short time since being operational, 47 residents accessed the service. For those who would like more information regarding the Meal Program, Call the Community Resource Centre at 780-622-3758.

Vicki Winger, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Whitecourt Press