MAPPED: 4 West Lincoln roads set for repair this year

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Four West Lincoln roads are set to be repaired later this year after council approved the tender for road repairs across the township.

At a council meeting on Monday, April 25, councillors ratified a bylaw giving the contract for the project to Walkers Construction Limited, which submitted the lowest quote, at $876,971 plus tax. Council also set aside $87,594.31 as a contingency allowance, meaning a total cost of $980,000.

In February 2022, $1,320,000 was allocated for the 2022 road rehabilitation project as part of the 2022 capital budget. The road repairs were identified as part of a 2019 road needs study.

The following roads sections were earmarked for repair:

South Grimsby Road 18, from Regional Road 20 to Young Street, costing $201,759.57. Repairs will include restoring road edges and a single surface treatment over the entire road.

Abingdon Road, from Concession 5 to Sixteen Road, costing $225,243.29. Some of the road’s edges are in a poor state, leading to a narrower road surface. Like South Grimsby Road, repairs will include restoring the edges and a single surface treatment.

Concession 4 Road, from Silverdale Road to Hodgkins Road, costing $193,366.54. The condition of this road is similar to Abingdon Road and will require the same repairs.

South Chippawa Road, from Regional Road 2 (Caistorville Rd) to Abingdon Road, costing $193,366.54. The road edges are in a poor state, the road surface has also deteriorated and could cause slick conditions in hotter temperatures. The work required is similar to the other roads.

Chris Pickles, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Grimsby Lincoln News

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