Mapping Vancouver's road closures and construction projects

Spring is here and so begin the pothole repairs, road construction and traffic delays.

Vancouver's general manager of engineering Jerry Dobrovolny, told CBC's The Early Edition host Rick Cluff that this spring there are extra roadworks planned because of the rough and prolonged winter.      

"It's no secret, not only did we have an exceptional winter in terms of the weather but it wreaked havoc on the infrastructure," Dobrovolny said.

Beyond repairing the winter road's potholes and cracks, the coming months will see numerous projects for upgrades and proactive maintenance, he said.

To help residents navigate the road work the City of Vancouver has released a map detailing the construction zones and road closures.

Major construction projects:

- Burrard Corridor: The west side of the bridge is now completed and construction is continuing on the east section, between Davie Street and 17th Avenue.

- Southwest Marine Drive: The second phase of the project will begin in May, with road closures planned from Granville Street to 41st Avenue.

- Point Grey: Road closed between Alma Street and MacDonald Street to replace a sewer and widen a sidewalk.  

- Oakridge Trunk: Sewer work is causing road closures and delays on sections of 46th Avenue, 49th Avenue, Tisdall Street and Fremlin Street. The project is set to continue until late spring 2018.

- Knight Street Corridor:  Intersection between Knight Street and Marine Drive is being upgraded and other construction projects are underway between 13th and 37th Avenue.

The City's map, which is updated regularly, outlines other road closures and construction projects.

In addition, more than 20 major film productions scheduled in the city this season and 1,610 film permits projected for the summer months, which will cause traffic delays, said Dobrovolny.

He also added that special events throughout the city — such as the Vancouver Sun Run on April 23,  BMO Marathon on May 7, Point Grey Fiesta on June 17, Vancouver Pride Parade on August 6, among others — will create traffic jams.

"Try to avoid frustration and know before you go," Dobrovolny said.

With files from The Early Edition. 

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