Marcell Ozuna's home run almost ripped a hole in the Rays' wild-card banner

Marcell Ozuna celebrates after hitting a home run to the moon. (Getty Images)

Marcell Ozuna is used to hitting home runs in a domed stadium. He plays for the Miami Marlins, and has hit 31 home runs in Marlins Park during his career. But hitting homers at Tropicana Field is different. When a batter gets some good wood on a ball at the Trop, you never know what it might hit on its way to the wall.

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So goes the story of Ozuna’s most recent home run. The Marlins have been at the Trop playing the Tampa Bay Rays, and on Wednesday night, Ozuna teed one up and sent it to heaven.

It was the fourth inning, and Ozuna was facing Rays starter Blake Snell. Snell’s second pitch in the at-bat was right in the heart of the strike zone. Ozuna took a mighty hack, connected with the ball, and did it ever soar. It just kept going and going, and for a second you might have thought it could leave the park.

And then you remember they’re playing at Tropicana Field and there’s a dome on the stadium, and so the ball isn’t leaving anywhere.

But that doesn’t mean the ball didn’t try to get out. Ozuna’s home run was an absolute bomb, and it flew so high that it crashed right into the Rays’ 2011 wild-card banner. The banner was hanging from the ceiling, above the upper deck, and the ball flew directly into it before falling down.

The impressiveness of that homer wasn’t an illusion. According to StatCast, that 468-foot blast was the longest home run Ozuna has hit since StatCast started measuring them. And considering that the exit velocity was measured at 112.2 mph, it’s a miracle that banner didn’t have a giant hole in it.

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