Marchers say 15 midwives not enough for Sask.

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Marchers say 15 midwives not enough for Sask.

A group of people gathered in Saskatoon Saturday to continue to call for more midwives in Saskatchewan.

The province currently has only 15 registered midwives, according to the Saskatchewan College of Midwives.

Labour and birth doula Sarah Cochran said that leaves a lot of pregnant women unable to access midwife care.

"Women are wanting this option and there's just not enough midwives to be able to do that," Cochran said at Saturday's rally and march.

Cochran said more than half of her own clients who want midwifery care can't get into it.

Janine Loehr was able to use midwives for both of her pregnancies, and said the experience great.

"Midwife appointments are 45 minutes long and they tell you all the information … and they support you while you make decisions on your own care," Loehr said.

With the right number of midwives, Cochran said the province could actually save money, as more women would be able to have births at home, should they choose to.