Marchers decry U.S. states' moves to restrict abortions

Around 200 people marched Sunday from Montreal City Hall to the United States Consulate to denounce restrictive anti-abortion measures recently passed in several U.S. states.

The organizer, Alyssa Landry, told CBC's Daybreak that she wanted to have an event to "show solidarity for what the Americans are going through right now."

Some protesters said their main purpose was to decry anti-abortion laws in states like Georgia and Alabama, but they also wanted to defend the rights that exist in Canada.

"Because it's a women's right, and I think if we do nothing, it's just going to keep going and going," said Audrey Rivet, 27.

"And this is a first step to losing something very important to women."


"It's a war on women, that's all it is," said Sarah Babineau.

A lone anti-abortion protester interrupted the rally at city hall. His presence led to pushing and shoving as words got heated.

At the U.S. Consulate, the marchers held a vigil to honour women who have died after having unsafe abortions and to support women who do not have access to safe abortions.