Mariah Carey Fully Shaded Nick Cannon After He Said That He Wanted to Remarry Her

Alanna Lauren Greco

From Cosmopolitan

  • Mariah Carey responded to her ex-husband Nick Cannon saying that he wanted to get married to her.

  • Mariah did not seem into the idea, lol.

Today in celebrity news that you didn't see coming, Mariah Carey recently made it *very* clear that she has no intention of getting back together with Nick Cannon.

Last month, Nick got fans riled up when he reportedly said that he'd be happy to get married to his ex-wife again, and, naturally, this news made it back to Mimi. When asked by a TMZ photog what she thought of Nick wanting to re-join her in matrimony, Mariah fired back with, "Remarry? This is him making this up. This is him being silly." She was then asked, "Are you good with the single life the rest of your life, basically?" And Mariah, having none of that nonsense, replied, "What is he, my last hope?"

FWIW, it looks like Nick didn't mean that he actively wants to get remarried to Mariah, but rather that if he had to get married again for some reason, it would be with her. He clarified the comment on The Ellen Degeneres Show, saying:

Honestly, I said I would probably never get married again because I’m still working on myself and trying to become a better man. That’s what I said. But if I had to, I already know what that’s like; I would go back home first before I had to do it again. You know Mariah, she’s fine, everything's happy. We have an amazing co-parenting relationship, our kids are so happy. It’s calm waters — let’s just keep it that way. Keep it calm.

So basically, don't hold your breath for a Nick/Mariah reunion!

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