Mariah Carey's fans beg her to embrace her curves and stop editing her Instagrams

Mariah Carey has killer curves — but the 47-year-old (like most others) still edits pictures of herself. Most recently, Carey has come under fire for heavy manipulation in her Paper magazine cover shoot.

Mariah Carey has been criticised for slimming down her body for social media. (Photo: @mariahcarey/Instagram)

Clearly proud of the images — she appears topless in one, covering her chest with her hair and wearing just fishnets and a pendant, while she sparkles in diamond-encrusted ensembles in others — Carey posted the pictures to her Instagram account, presumably expecting tons of praise from her adoring fans.

However, several of her six million followers had a bone to pick with the musical icon. They noticed that the singer was looking much slimmer than she appeared at her recent Las Vegas show, accusing her of editing the images (in addition to the publication’s edits). “This is obvious Photoshopping. Totally takes away from her rather than adds to who she is,” one person commented.

One person practically confirmed the excessive editing, saying: “This saddens me because I saw the original and I think you look AMAZING without the glass of photoshop. Embrace your body, Ma. We all already do.”

Most of the commenters were actually incredibly positive, encouraging Carey to embrace her own body. “You are not skinny. Accept it and love yourself the way you are,” stated one.

Another accused Mariah of letting down her younger fans: “I would have loved this more if she would have showed her real self and maybe just airbrushed the minor stuff like scars but taking half your body out… Come on MiMi, let the younger fans have something to look up to.”

The star at a recent performance. (Photo: @mariahcarey/Instagram)

Carey has faced accusations of excessive photo editing in the past. Several of her Instagram photos are littered with comments, accusing the star of slimming down her curves.

Most famously, on Thanksgiving she posed with a pie and a can of whipped cream in front of a mirror that appeared warped in the background, a tell-tale sign that Photoshop’s in play.

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