How To Make Marinated Sashimi In Parmesan Cheese Crisp Bowl

A Japanese Mom shows how to make a fancy Italian inspired dish. This dish, marinated sashimi seated inside a parmesan cheese crisp bowl, is super super easy despite the glamor. It’s irresistible paired with a balsamic vinegar reduction that's gorgeous on the plate, and you can also eat the cheese bowl! There is no doubt that this beautiful dish will entertain guests for parties and special occasions. ● Ingredients (for 1~2 people) ・ Sea bream sashimi ・ Ikura ・ Dill ・ Shredded Parmesan cheese +++ Marinade dressing +++ ・ Olive Oil ... 2 tablespoons ・ Lemon Juice ... 1 teaspoon ・ Soy Sauce ... a few drops ・ Stone Ground Mustard ... 1 teaspoon ・ Chopped Parsley ・ Salt ・ Black Pepper ++ Balsamic reduction +++ ・ Balsamic Vinegar ... 3 tablespoons ・ Soy Sauce ... 1 tablespoons ・ Sugar ... 1 teaspoon ● Recipe ① Place a round cut of parchment paper onto a frying pan, place 3 spoons of parmesan cheese in the center and spread it thinly. ② Place the frying pan over medium heat for about 3 minutes and when the cheese is fully melted and bubbling, remove it from the heat. Let it cool for 2~3 seconds, then place over an upside-down cup and shape into a bowl. Let rest until completely cooled. ③ Repeat ①&② to make the necessary amount of servings of Parmesan Cheese bowls. ④ Pour Balsamic Vinegar, Soy Sauce, and Sugar in a small pan and simmer until thickened and milder in taste. ⑤ Pour the Marinade Dressing ingredients in a bowl and mix. ⑥ Slice the Red Snapper Sashimi at an angle into thin slices, mix with dressing and marinade quickly. ⑦ Dress plate with prepared balsamic reduction and cheese bowl, place marinated sashimi in the bowl, and serve topped with dill and ikura. ● Cooking tips ・For toppings, Tobiko is a good substitute for Ikura & dill. ・When marinating sashimi, mix sashimi and dressing just before serving. Do not leave in the marinade dressing for too long.

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