Marjorie Hembroff art on display in library

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Marjorie Hembroff is displaying her artwork at the Strathmore Municipal Library as the July artist for the in-house gallery.

Hembroff said she has been interested in arts from a young age. As a child, she enjoyed crafts such as embroidery, sewing and painting.

Currently on display at the library, she has chosen to showcase several of her works depicting natural scenes and animals.

“There (are) several of them that are animal paintings that were their cats and a couple of dogs and theirs was some landscapes,” said Hembroff.

Her medium of choice for her paintings is with acrylics, adding that she simply enjoys painting as an outlet to be creative.

“I think I always have been (artistic) in some respect or other … sometimes painting will release feelings you don’t know were there,” said Hembroff. “I saw (the library) had bits of their previous shows on Facebook, and I’d had worked there with Carmen (Erison) before, so I contacted Carmen, and we went forward with it.”

Though she is mainly self-taught, Hembroff has attended several art courses, such as working with wet oils, through the Alberta College of Art.

Some pieces Hembroff is currently displaying at the library are for sale, though she said she mainly uses art as a hobby.

“Yes, I did all kinds of creative things as a child, drawing and stuff at school … then when I started when I started living in the city, I found out that I could take art courses that was mainly here in Calgary … and it just opened up a door of creativity that I didn’t know was there,” said Hembroff. “It’s good to share. I just thought it would be a good idea to share my work with somebody again rather than just having them sitting in the house.”

Hembroff’s artwork will be on display at the Strathmore Municipal Library’s gallery for the remainder of the month.

John Watson, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Strathmore Times

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