Marjorie Taylor Greene's Receipt Is Going Viral

Marjorie Tayor Green is going viral again...

Marjorie Taylor Greene is pictured indoors holding a water bottle and papers. A man in the background is partially visible, wearing glasses and a suit jacket
Tom Williams / CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

The controversial House Representative shared a picture of her receipt, and people have a lot to say about it.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, surrounded by reporters and cameras, speaks passionately at a crowded press event
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Here it is:

Twitter: @mtgreenee

Some people are saying they "love this idea."

Twitter: @ChuckD_MSB

But mostly people just point out the price of the meal.

Twitter: @davitydave

"$721 for ONE dinner. This is a few month's worth of groceries," this person said.

Twitter: @Ally_Sammarco

"Economic landscape isn’t too bad if you’re dining for $712," another person said.

Twitter: @philenespanol

And this person said point-blank, "I wish I could afford a $600 meal."

Twitter: @Hal_RTFLC

Anyway, don't be surprised to start seeing this on receipts.

Twitter: @liife_of_ky

It's already happening.

Receipt showing handwritten message: "TRUMP 2024 NO TAX ON TIPS!!" Alongside the receipt are partially visible US dollar bills