Marjorie Taylor Greene tells supporters to vote ‘one, two, three times, whatever’

Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene encouraged supporters to get out to the polls during the November midterms and went one step further during a video address to advocate that they exercise their right to vote “one, two, three times”.

In the video clip, shared online by the left-wing Twitter account PatriotTakes, an account with more than 450,000 followers, the Georgia Republican is seen standing alongside Mallory Staples, who ran to represent Georgia’s 6th Congressional District in the spring but lost in the Republican primary to Rich McCormick.

The two Georgian Conservatives begin the video address by encouraging voters in the southern state to get out and vote, particularly for people like Rep Greene who Ms Staples characterises as being willing to “fight” to represent constituents.

“Get out and vote with you and your 20 closest friends and neighbours in November,” Ms Staples begins, before the congresswoman interrupts her to say that it should instead be “40” of your closest friends and neighbours and those individuals should try to vote more than once.

“Vote one, two, three times, whatever,” Ms Greene says, waving her hands around as if to dismiss the illegal nature of the suggestion she’d just made.

A nervous Ms Staples then giggles at Ms Greene’s suggestion to get out “three times” and proffers up the suggestion that voters should get out and do “whatever the law will allow you to do”.

“Which in Georgia is almost anything,” quips Ms Staples, before the two politicians erupt into more nervous laughter.

Ms Greene, who is known for attempting to mainstream conspiracy theories both big and small, has most famously promoted former President Donald Trump’s Big Lie that the 2020 election was stolen by fraudulent votes.

Just days before the 6 January Capitol riot, Ms Greene promised to refuse to “certify fraudulent electoral college votes” for President Joe Biden and in January 2021, the freshman congresswoman also tweeted that “there was MASS voter fraud on a scale that should terrify every American regardless of political party.”

In the spring, the avid Donald Trump supporter was called to testify under oath in court for her alleged involvement in the 6 January riot, making her the first member of Congress to publicly testify under oath about the insurrection.

During the hearing, which involved a legal challenge by a group of Georgia voters to move forward as they sought to disqualify the congresswoman from running for re-election, citing her alleged role in the Capitol riot, Ms Greene contradicted her previous statements about certifying the election of President Biden and testified under oath that she didn’t actually come out against him being the legitimate winner of the 2020 election.

Additionally, Ms Greene has frequently claimed that her home state is responsible for fraudulent voting in both Senate and presidential elections, a baseless claim that has been debunked nearly as many times as it’s been put forward.

In 2021, Ms Greene slammed Gabriel Sterling, a senior official in the office of Georgia’s top elections official, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, claiming that he was responsible for fraudulent absentee ballots being counted in the 2020 election, tweeting: “You ran a Nov 3rd election that was stolen bc you idiots at the SOS mailed out millions of absentee ballots to any one and everyone while GA was an open state.”

And in January, after Georgia held a runoff election for its two Senate seats and Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock beat their Republican opponents, Ms Greene once again unfairly blamed fraudulent votes as being responsible for the “stolen” election.

“Georgia state leaders refused to listen to Georgia tax payers. They refused to change anything after allowing @realDonaldTrump’s election to be stolen. And they refused to #StopTheSteaI with our two senate seats,” she tweeted in January 2021.

Ms Greene is up for re-election in the November midterms and is squaring off against Democrat Marcus Flowers and Libertarian Angela Pence in the general election for US House Georgia District 14.