Marjorie Taylor Greene's Fitness Advice Gets A Snarky Workout From Critics

Poor Marjorie Taylor Greene. In a time of political rancor, the far-right congresswoman from Georgia on Monday tried to reach across all aisles to give solid advice on self-improvement.

She wasn’t spouting conspiracy theories or calling for states to secede or ranting about congressional dress codes. She was merely doling out commonsense inspiration on staying fit ― and as an ex-CrossFit affiliate owner (even if CrossFit later tried to disavow her), she perhaps carries cred on that front.

“Working out isn’t for when you just feel like it. It’s work,” she wrote on X, formerly Twitter. “Show up whether you feel like it or want to or not. And the results will show up too.”

But her critics don’t give one burpee about her gym goals, and they flexed their sardonic might to clap back at Greene.

“Imagine if you had that kind of drive for passing meaningful legislation,” one wrote.

“Running from Global Warming is the best workout,” cracked another.

It seems mocking Greene is an easy lift for many: