Marshawn Lynch's high school, which let Lynch practice, could be in trouble

Proof that all fun stories need to have some downer attached: Marshawn Lynch’s old high school team, which let Lynch practice with it during his week of suspension could face discipline itself.

TMZ reported that the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) that runs high school athletics in the state is looking into Lynch’s practice with the Oakland Tech High Bulldogs. It wasn’t done in secret. Lynch posted a video of him in full-contact practice with the kids, even running one over on a play (and getting tackled on another). But it broke a pretty basic rule, according to TMZ, which states “Only 9th through 12th grade students may practice with or compete on a high school team.” The school could face discipline.

You can see why the CIF would want to make sure high school football is for high school players only. It’s also a bit of a bummer on a fun story from one of the NFL’s unique characters. Imagine how many times the kids on Oakland Tech will tell anyone who will listen over the next few decades about the time they practiced with the great Marshawn Lynch.

The Oakland Unified School District said in a statement that it didn’t comply with the league’s rules, since administrators didn’t receiver notice that Lynch would be attending a practice. They obviously didn’t know a punishing 31-year-old back would be running full speed drills with kids who barely have their driver’s licenses. Lynch is suspended by the NFL this week for coming off the bench to join a scrum on the field and making contact with an official.

Hopefully the powers that be give a stern warning and don’t punish the team for Lynch being in practice. Then the players can still laugh about the time they went up against one of the NFL’s greats without any unexpected discipline ruining the memory.

Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch practiced with his old high school, and that might have violated state high school athletics rules. (AP)

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