Martha Stewart, 80, says she doesn't 'think about age or aging'

Martha Stewart doesn't have "one thing" she likes about getting older.

The businesswoman, media mogul and lifestyle expert, 80, opened up about her love life and views around aging on Chelsea Handler's podcast, Dear Chelseaand she made it clear she's not losing sleep dwelling on the aging process.

"I don't think about age or aging. I do not think about it. Some things happen to you, you know, you step in a hole and you rupture your Achilles tendon. I did that last year and that was a stupid thing because it's hurt me for a year ... the least favorite thing is getting into any kind of pain," Stewart said. "My favorite thing about getting older is absolutely not one thing."

In an interview with Yahoo Life in April, Stewart further elaborated on her self-care practices, explaining she takes "very, very good care" of herself.

"I have my regular checkups; they're on the calendar at least six months in advance. I eat extremely well ... I live on a farm, which I think is one of the healthiest lifestyles there is because when I get up in the morning, I can go outside and breathe fresh air," she explained. "I can plant some flowers or pick some vegetables and make a green juice that is utterly delicious, which really helps with the maintenance of good skin, good hair and strong bones.

"It's just important for me to look good and feel good," the former model said. "My career requires it."

And she's not letting age get in the way of love, even if she's not dating at the moment.

"I had two mad crushes in the last month, which is really good for me," Stewart told Handler. But, "one of them is married to the mother of some friends of mine — [but] he's so attractive."

Stewart joked, "I always think, 'Oh gosh, couldn't that person will die,' ... but it hasn't worked out."

"I've never been a home-wrecker, never," Stewart clarified. "I've tried really hard not to be. I've had the opportunity to be a home-wrecker and I've not taken anyone up on it. And that's where I meet men. They're all married to friends of mine or something like that."

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