Martha Stewart's Ingredient Tip For Elevated Baked Potatoes

Martha Stewart
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There are a whole lot of potato varieties you can bake in the oven, but there will always be some choices that are better than others. If you want to craft the best baked potato of all, culinary icon Martha Steward recommends selecting large Yukon potatoes the next time you're craving this delicious starch.

While russet potatoes are one ideal choice for baked potatoes thanks to their high starch content, which results in extra fluffy interiors, Yukon potatoes are another underrated choice. These versatile potatoes often appear in meals like hearty stews and warm roasts, and they boast a mouth-watering buttery flavor. Yukons also become extra creamy and luxurious once they've been baked. These potatoes come in many different sizes, but for those baked recipes, go for the larger varieties that are closest to the size of a russet.

The reason these guys might not be a typical choice for baked potatoes might have something to do with the extra time and patience they require to cook. If you're still intrigued by the thought of baking Yukons however, follow a few more of Stewart's tips to make sure they come out perfectly fluffy and delicious.

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How Martha Stewart Transforms Yukon Gold Potatoes

Martha Stewart's Yukon gold baked potato
Martha Stewart's Yukon gold baked potato - Martha Stewart/Instagram

Picking the right potato is just the beginning of making this baked snack become perfect. To really elevate this dish, the key is to bake it for just the right amount of time. Yukons differ from russets in that their starch content is much lower, which means it requires a little more time in the oven to obtain that perfectly fluffy interior and deliciously crispy golden-brown skin. So, to bake these just right, Martha Stewart suggests you bake Yukons at 325 degrees Fahrenheit for an hour and a half. These potatoes have a low moisture content, so you don't have to worry about them drying out as they bake, unlike with other varieties.

Next, to break up the insides and ensure proper fluff, take your potatoes out of the oven and immediately smash them on a hard surface like your countertop. Remember they will be scorching hot, so use an oven mitt or hand towel to avoid burning your hand, and be careful not to break the skin. Now plate your potatoes and gently split them open, carefully topping them with the additions of your choice.

These potatoes will have an extra crispy skin and smooth inside -- a perfectly balanced treat. While Stewart has her own suggestions for how to garnish these baked potatoes, which include crème fraîche, make this dish your own with some of your favorite additions.

Take This Delicious Baked Indulgence Even Further

Sautéed garlic cloves
Sautéed garlic cloves - Grandriver/Getty Images

While toppings like butter, sour cream, or shredded cheese are traditional, try to upgrade these baked potatoes with some unique toppings of your own. One of the best complements to the innate buttery profile of Yukons is garlic. This savory and herbaceous plant becomes equally buttery once it's been roasted or sautéed in a pan, which makes it a perfect pair with a baked potato. Top this combination with some salt and pepper and your potato will be full of complex dimensions.

For some extra moisture and freshness, halved cherry tomatoes could also help make for a well-rounded potato. Finally, to cut this delicious mild side with some smokey spice, drizzle some chili oil on your Yukons for extra moisture and a rich umami edge. Of course, when it doubt, it never hurts to go back to the classics. Just take your pick from the long lineup of toppings and enjoy Stewart's unique take on the humble baked potato.

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