Marthaville ball diamond getting washrooms

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The Marthaville Park is getting a new amenity.

The park is well used for recreational baseball - including church leagues but there isn’t a permanent washroom facility at the park now.

That’s about to change after Enniskillen received a Trillium grant to build new washrooms.

The plans include building a cement block washroom next to the existing pavilion at Marthaville Park.

Enniskillen received $218,800 from the Trillium Foundation to build new washroom facilities.

When the project was put out to tender, there was only one bid. Agri Urban Building in Dresden, but it was enough.

Agri Urban Building submitted a bid of $208,100 when the harmonized sales tax is included.

The Trillium Foundation had set aside $188,800 for construction with $20,000 for design and engineering and $10,000 for signage.

Both the signage and the design spending came in under budget with only $500 needed for signage and $6,000 being spent on engineering with $4,000 set aside for construction inspection.

The Trillium Foundation allowed them to move the unused funding to construction, which allowed them to cover the Agri Urban Building construction bid with $200 to spare in contingency.

Township Clerk Duncan McTavish was not surprised more bids did not come in as the tender requested that the bidder be bonded. Contractors are also hard to come by though the pandemic.

Councillor Mary Lynne McCallum heard it was an issue of timing as some of the potential bidders were waiting for subcontractors to give them pricing.

It is anticipated construction will begin in September and be completed by the end of the year.

, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Independent

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