Mary Fitzgerald hopes to try for another baby

Mary Fitzgerald suffered a miscarriage earlier this year credit:Bang Showbiz
Mary Fitzgerald suffered a miscarriage earlier this year credit:Bang Showbiz

Mary Fitzgerald plans to "keep trying at some point" for a baby.

The 'Selling Sunset' star - who has 26-year-old Austin Babbitt from a previous relationship - and her husband Romain Bonnet were left devastated seven months ago when she suffered a septic miscarriage but the 43-year-old beauty is now ready to consider her family plans again.

She told E! News: "It took a lot longer than I anticipated to just process and heal both emotionally and physically because it was a septic miscarriage.

"But I'm better now. We're good, made us stronger."

However, the realtor admitted doctors recently "found some other physical issues that might make it even harder" to conceive, so the couple are planning to take their next steps slowly.

Mary explained: "I need to go in from more testing to figure out if IVF gonna be the right decision, or if we try naturally, are there going to be possibilities that it'll take?"

And the couple are open to using a surrogate "if that's our last resort."

She added: "That could be possible, too."

Mary felt it was important to speak out about her miscarriage ordeal in a bid to help others.

She said: "It's so common for this to happen to people and it wouldn't be right just to keep it to myself.

"From experience, when I talk to other people who have been through it, it heals, it helps and make it feel just more normal."

Mary revealed in April she had suffered a septic miscarriage and needed surgery.

She shared in a video posted to Instagram: "I'm going to try to do this without crying, it's taken me a few weeks to say everything that's been going on.

"We did get pregnant. When were in Bali, and got pregnant, and, unfortunately that didn't work out.

"On top of the miscarriage, also had a septic miscarriage.

"So, had to go in for surgery for that. I guess the only reason why I've been silent for a long time - and the reason why I'm speaking out now - is because I do realise how common this is and how many people go through this."