Maryland Ponies Head to Beach During Heat Wave

All kinds of creatures were looking for relief from the heatwave that affected much of the East Coast from July 20 to 21, including the famous wild ponies of Maryland’s Assateague State Park.

Erin Rosati was enjoying her day at the beach when she noticed that the ponies were heading into the water, and they had gone in a little deeper than usual. The footage she captured shows four ponies wading into the surf.

“The ponies frequent the beach, but they rarely go into the water that deep,” she told Storyful.

Ponies have lived on their own on Assateague Island since the 17th century. Wildlife officials warn that those who don’t give the ponies a wide berth will suffer the consequences, as a video of a man getting kicked in the groin that went viral on July 21 illustrates. Credit: Erin Rosati via Storyful