Masonite's M-Pwr smart door comes with a built-in Ring doorbell and Yale smart lock

It also includes a backup battery to power those devices through an outage.


There’s no shortage of smart locks and doorbells you can buy to modernize the entrance to your home, but a complete door that integrates both those devices into its frame is something we haven’t seen. Enter the M-Pwr smart door from Masonite. Made from fiberglass, it features a Ring Video Doorbell and Yale smart lock.

It connects to your home’s WiFi network and electrical system using a “patent-pending” technology that powers all the components so that you don’t need individual batteries for each one. It also includes an emergency battery system Masonite claims can power the smart lock, doorbell and LED lighting for 24 hours in case of a power failure. Naturally, no smart home product is complete without an accompanying app. In the M-Pwr’s case, Masonite’s software allows you to program the built-in welcome lights and confirm whether the door is open or closed.

At the moment, Masonite is only offering its M-Pwr smart doors through a single home builder in Charlotte, North Carolina. While the company plans to partner with additional builders over the next year, it hasn’t said anything about selling the doors to people who want to remodel their homes.