Massively intoxicated man fined and banned from the road

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A Kettle Point man with an alarming level of alcohol in his body when he hit a car has received a substantial fine.

Warren George, 66, was in Sarnia Court Dec. 21 to plead guilty to drunk driving. Readings taken by OPP after his arrest earlier this year showed a blood alcohol level of .292 – more than 3.5 times the legal limit.

Court heard that Mar. 10 at 1:45 pm George was driving his Dodge RAM south on Highway 21. He turned right at the Lakeshore Rd. intersection and sideswiped a car, damaging the bumper, headlight and driver’s mirror. George continued down the road.

The man turned around and followed George, who was swerving in and out of the oncoming lane. He drove into a ditch but managed to free the truck. George then pulled into his Lakeshore Rd. home.

The man parked behind George in his driveway and watched him get out of the truck. George collapsed onto a ladder and was unable to lift himself up. An empty bottle of whiskey fell next to him.

Police arrived at 2 pm and found George still couldn’t get up. An officer helped him to his feet and noticed a strong odor of alcohol, bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. When George was told he’d been in a collision he said he didn’t remember anything. He did admit to drinking.

“I’m sorry and I hope I never do this again,” says George during his sentencing. He says he’s working on quitting drinking.

Justice Anne McFadyen fined George $2,500, noting he caused an accident, left the scene, and had very elevated alcohol readings. George is also banned from driving for one year.

Alex Kurial, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Independent