'The Master Gardener' sneak peek: 'I have a favor to ask'

See Sigourney Weaver and Joel Edgerton in an exclusive clip from Paul Schrader's new drama.

Video Transcript

NORMA HAVERHILL: I have a favor to ask.

NARVEL ROTH: What is it?


NORMA HAVERHILL: My sister, Betty's daughter, had a daughter. That makes her my grand niece. Well, my sister's been long gone, and last year her daughter died. And it's been hard on my grand niece, so I hear. She's mixed blood. When she was a child, she would come to Gracewood with her mother. One summer, they came every week.

And Maya, that's her name, was enchanted. Enchanting just to see her play in the gardens. Here's a picture. When her parents broke up-- he was a bum, they moved away. You know, how she ended up with him, no accounting for people's taste. It was OK with me, of course.

And then she got cancer, like my sister before her, tit cancer. Well, Maya's life apparently hasn't turned out so well. She got in a funk, dropped out of school, and then lifestyle choices, I believe they call them, a bad crowd. It was only a matter of time.

I felt I should do something. I would like you to take Maya on as an apprentice. I will provide transportation and minimum wage with adjustments. You will teach her how to tend to garden, as well as classes in horticulture and so forth.

NARVEL ROTH: What age is she?

NORMA HAVERHILL: I'm not sure. 20. No, more.

NARVEL ROTH: How long has it been since you've seen her?

NORMA HAVERHILL: I haven't. That's your job. She's family. Gracewood is family.

NARVEL ROTH: And you would like me to respond how?

NORMA HAVERHILL: I was hoping you'd say, Norma, it would be a pleasure to be of assistance to your grand niece.

NARVEL ROTH: Norma, it would be a pleasure to be of assistance to your grand niece.