Match made in marketing heaven: Raiders Khalil Mack signs with Mack Trucks

Oakland Raiders defensive star Khalil Mack is one of the best players in the league, but nationally he gets little to no attention.

That may be changing soon.

In a match straight out of Marketing 101, Mack has signed a promotional deal with Mack Trucks.

Natural fit: Oakland’s Khalil Mack has a new endorsement deal with Mack Trucks. (AP)

Let’s just get the corny line out of the way: Well he hits like a Mack Truck, so it makes sense!

The 26-year old Mack, who was the first player in NFL history to be chosen first-team All-Pro at two different positions in the same season in 2015, when he was honored at both defensive end and linebacker, said in a video posted by the company that because of his last name, his family has always felt a bit of a connection to Mack Trucks:

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“Ever since I was a kid, just seeing my dad talk about Mack Truck, it always stood out to us and it made us feel that we were connected to something, something important, something bigger than ourselves,” Mack said. “Every time I go on that field, it’s part of my thought process, like I’m a Mack Truck running through whoever is in front of me.”

Mack also said it was his friend, Golden State Warriors player Draymond Green, who planted the seed that Mack the player should be partnered with Mack Trucks.

Can we get “Mack the Knife” involved in this somehow too?

Did we go too far? We went too far.