Math lovers have their pi and eat it too at U of Regina event

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Happy Pi Day! What you might not know about the number that never ends

One is a delicious dessert. The other is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.

Luckily for math-lovers, there's one day when they can have their pi and eat it too.

The University of Regina hosted a celebration of all things 3.14 with a variety of sweet slices on Tuesday, March 14 — designated as Pi Day because it's the 14th day of the third month — or 3/14.

Organized by the Mathematics, Actuarial Science and Statistics Society (MASS), the event dished up free pie and put math lovers to the test with a pie-eating contest.

Pi is everywhere 

But MASS president Brenden Lusok said the event wasn't all about pie of the edible variety.

Students also presented talks on the mathematical side of pi, including its definition, practical use and different types of pi.

"It's not really widely noticed that pi is kind of everywhere in the world and there's so many different uses for it," Lusok told CBC Radio's Morning Edition.

"It's interesting to see all the different uses for it that you usually aren't aware of."

Math appeal

The students also planned to make an argument for why being an actuary is a great profession.

"If you're interested in mathematics and statistics, it's definitely a good way to apply those things to the real world and yeah, enjoy yourself with that," said Lusok.

As for the complicated problem of choosing a slice at Tuesday's event, Lusok said straight pumpkin pie with no whipped cream was the most logical choice.

The event wrapped up at 3 p.m. CST on Tuesday.