Matt LeBlanc, Hailey Baldwin, and William H. Macy stick their faces in weird places on 'The Late Late Show'

On The Late Late Show, James Corden, Matt LeBlanc, Hailey Baldwin, and William H. Macy faced off in a game of "Nuzzle Waaa?" where they basically had to guess random objects using only their faces. Awesome.

First up, Macy and LeBlanc had a little trouble finding their object, a stick of cotton candy, which eventually led to them saying “How you doin?" as they both kept hilariously nuzzling each other's faces.

Next, Baldwin and Corden came face-to-face with a skeleton who ended up getting a skeleton of action as the model and the host rubbed their faces up and down the body of bones.

The final round was a fourway nuzzle battle involving a live mini pony! The nuzzling got awkward with the moving object, but after Macy and Baldwin got a little up close and personal with the rear end, Baldwin managed to guess exactly what it was she was nuzzling up to, becoming the winner of the game.