Matthew Twyne charged with committing indecent act

Convicted sex offender Matthew Twyne is facing a new charge of committing an indecent act. 

He appeared in provincial court on the charge Friday, an RNC spokesperson confirmed.

Twyne, 33, was arrested on Oct. 11 following a complaint of an indecent act being committed at Long Pond, near Memorial University in St. John's.

However, police did not immediately charge Twyne with the crime, instead putting out a call for witnesses to the incident.

Instead he was charged with breaching an order to remain away from that area of MUN's campus. Twyne has agreed to remain in custody, skipping his bail hearing. 

Twyne has a 20-page criminal record with offences from the east and west coasts of Newfoundland. 

He has been convicted five times since 2004 of unlawfully committing an indecent act in public.

Twyne also has convictions for having a concealed weapon and assault with a weapon.

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