Matty exits the Big Brother House

Matty has left Big Brother credit:Bang Showbiz
Matty has left Big Brother credit:Bang Showbiz

Matty has been evicted from 'Big Brother'.

The 24-year-old doctor has become the latest contestant to leave the house, one day short of the 'Big Brother' finale.

Matty was informed of his fate at the end of his letter from home, which was read aloud by Yinrun.

She said: "Dear Matty, where do I begin? I have enjoyed watching you so much.

"It's been great to watch your friendships with your housemates develop.

"Your humour, kindness and sensitivity has always been at the heart of everything you've done."

However, Matt's eviction was subsequently revealed in the letter, which prompted a shocked reaction from the housemates.

Yinrun said: "Unfortunately, your time is up. The public has been voting. Matty, you are the 11th housemate to be evicted."

Matty's exit now means that one of Henry, Noky, Jordan, Yinrun and Olivia will win the series.

Each of the housemates received a letter from home during the penultimate episode.

Big Brother explained: "Before the gates of heaven close for the day, I wanted to give you all the ultimate heavenly gift - your letters from home."

Noky's letter from her sister read: "To my best friend, from the second I was born I have looked up to you in every single way - we were meant to be sisters."

Elsewhere, Olivia received a letter from her parents.

The letter read: "We are the proudest mum and dad ever. Gran, Po and James are all so proud but we will warn you now, Gran is wanting a word about your swearing!"

Meanwhile, Yinrun's letter said: "Your parents and grandmother miss you deeply.

"The whole process of going to the UK was done by you on your own. I saw my girl at her best - adventurous, independent and brave."