How to Get Max if You Already Have HBO Max and 7 Other Questions Answered

Tuesday marks the launch of a brand new streaming service, which in actuality is the combination of two existing (and beloved, for different reasons) streaming services. Max will play host to content from both HBO Max and Discovery+, supplanting the existing HBO Max streaming service while serving as a “boosted” version of Discovery+ so to speak. Max includes all the content from HBO Max and a bevy of content from Discovery+ in one place — it’s where you can watch “House of the Dragon” and “Fixer Upper” and “Succession” and “Guy’s Grocery Games” all in one place.

But with a new service, questions abound. Here’s everything you need to know about subscribing to Max.

When Does Max Launch?

Max debuts Tuesday, May 23, at

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How Much Does Max Cost?

There are three different tiers for Max, each with a different cost.

  • Max Ad-Lite: $9.99/month for two concurrent streams, 1080p resolution, no offline downloads, 5.1  surround sound quality

  • Max Ad-Free: $15.99/month for two concurrent streams, 1080 resolution, 30 offline downloads, 5.1 surround sound quality

  • Max Ultimate Ad-Free: $19.99/month for four concurrent streams, up to 4K UHD resolution, 100 offline downloads, Dolby Atmos sound quality

You can also pay yearly at a rate of $99/year for Ad-Lite, $149.99/year for Ad-Free and $199.99/year for Ultimate Ad-Free.

What Do I Do If I Already Have HBO Max?

If you already subscribe to HBO Max and you want Max, Warner Bros. Discovery says “a large portion” of subscribers will automatically have their HBO Max apps updated to Max. If May 23 comes around and your app still says HBO Max, you’ll need to download the updated Max app.

HBO Max subscribers will have their previous profiles, settings, watch history, “Continue Watching” and “My List” items waiting for them to stream on Max.

Discovery+ subscribers, meanwhile can sign up as new Max customers with “ample opportunities” to check out Max via free trials and other promotional offers.

Can I Keep HBO Max If I Don’t Want Max?

No, on May 23 HBO Max will cease to exist. All hail Max.

Is Max Replacing Discovery+?

No. Warner Bros. Discovery is keeping the Discovery+ app as the “lower cost” option if you’re not interested in any of the HBO Max content that comes with Max.

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What’s Included in Max?

A source close to the situation tells TheWrap that Max will feature all of the content currently available on HBO Max, although as with any streaming service content will come and go each month due to licensing agreements and new releases. This is in addition to “thousands of hours” of content from Discovery+ that will be included on Max as well.

How Is Max Different?

For one, it includes all of HBO Max and Discovery+ in one place. Warner Bros. Discovery is also touting an expanded kids section, better playback, an expanded library of 4K UHD titles and simplified navigation.

When Will Max Be Available Internationally?

The Max rollout begins in the U.S., then will expand into the international territories that already have HBO Max. Latin America will be first in 2023, followed by select countries across Europe and Asia in 2024.

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