Maya Rudolph Grateful To Molly Shannon For Showing Her The Ropes On 'SNL'

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Maya Rudolph, Molly Shannon -- Getty Images

"Saturday Night Live" alumni Maya Rudolph and Molly Shannon have reunited on the small screen once again for NBC's "Up All Night," and the "Bridesmaids" star says she couldn't be happier to be working with her former "SNL" mentor.

"I think I asked [Molly] and Will Ferrell how to read the cue cards because no one explained anything to me, because I came in at the end of my season," Maya explained to's Laura Saltman of how she and Molly first became friends on the late night sketch show back in 2000, during a visit to the "Up All Night" set in Los Angeles on Friday. "It was really scary to come in like that and not know anyone.

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"It was like starting school with three weeks left and everybody knew where to sit in the cafeteria and I was really scared and overwhelmed and [Molly] was just so great and she said, 'This is how I do it,'" Maya recounted. "Molly really beats to her own drum. She doesn't do it like anybody else."

The hilarious pair teamed up again on Molly's show, "Kath & Kim," and again when Molly returned to host "Saturday Night Live" while Maya was still a castmember.

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"I was lucky enough to work with her when she came back to host the show and it was really neat to finally know how to do the show and then watch her do it," she said. "She's just so one of a kind... she's so good."

In addition to Maya's over-the-top daytime talk show host character on "Up All Night," fans of the comedienne are anxiously awaiting a sequel to her side-splittingly funny big screen hit, "Bridesmaids."

Unfortunately, the actress says has "no pull" when it comes to a possible follow-up film.

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"I'm not in charge of whether we do a sequel. I'm fine whatever anybody wants to do," she told Laura. "I love that group so much, so if we end up doing something together in a different way that would be great too."

Adding, "I think that by now it's established we loved working together and I can't imagine doing a movie like that without one of us -- that would just be bizarre and strange."

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Catch Maya and Molly, along with Christina Applegate and Will Arnett, when "Up All Night" airs at its new time - Thursdays at 9:30 PM on NBC.

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