Mayor Barton’s next term wish list

Because no one chose to run against him in last month’s municipal election, incumbent Uxbridge mayor Dave Barton didn’t really get an opportunity to articulate any kind of vision during the campaign. So the Cosmos thought it would offer him that chance, to talk about “Ten Things I Would Like to See For the Township During This Term”. They could be big vision-type things, or just little things, small improvements to buildings or parks or trails. Ten things that, when he looks back in October 2026, he’d be able to say “I’m happy this happened, because the township is a better place for it.”

Here are Mayor Barton’s 10 things, in his own words:

I want to see the new council really work together as a team. The new members bring some fresh new perspectives. I hope all of us bring some great new ideas from all those conversations on the doorstep during the campaign. And I don’t want to forget those candidates who weren’t elected. They wanted to contribute, and I’d like to see them get that opportunity.

The next few things are about projects carried over from the last term. The biggest one is supporting the hospital as they build the new healthcare campus at the Cottage Uxbridge Hospital site, including a new long term care residence.

Completing the Brock Street culvert project allows us to change our downtown. We are poised to make significant progress on downtown revitalization. It’s the key to increasing the availability and affordability of housing, improving tourism opportunities, supporting the local economy and much more.

We are positioned to complete major upgrades in our parks, both urban and rural: completing the accessible playground in Elgin Park, making improvements at the Fields of Uxbridge, refurbishing the parks in the hamlets.

We need to continue to upgrade vital infrastructure in the township. There are bridges and culverts to repair, and another eight kilometres of gravel roads to pave by the end of this term.

Internet service needs to continue to improve, and we will continue to advocate for this. Our efforts so far mean that we should have high-speed to the the rest of rural Uxbridge in the very near future.

The modernization digitization of service delivery at town hall has made good progress, but we need to complete that work, to ensure that our services are efficient and totally accessible, 24/7.

I’m a heavy user of our great trails, so my last three items are really from a wish list I’ve put together as I use them through the seasons. The first is that I’d love to see a portion of one of our wilderness trails as an off-leash dog-walking site. The park up at the museum is great, but you can’t really give your dog a proper walk there. I know some of our residents let their dogs off leash on our trails now; they need a trail where they can legally do that.

I’d like to see improvements in infrastructure on most of our wilderness trails, things like benches and particularly washrooms.

Last is a winter wish: a few groomed cross-country ski trails, so more of our residents can use them year-round.

I am only one voice on council, of course. I look forward to hearing what my colleagues bring forward for discussion as well.

Conrad Boyce, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Uxbridge Cosmos