Mayor's Golf Tournament In Milton Raises $200,000 for United Way Halton & Hamilton

In a remarkable display of community support, more than 250 dedicated golfers came together at the 23rd annual Mayor's Golf Tournament for United Way in Milton, raising an impressive $200,000 for the United Way Halton & Hamilton (UWHH). This event, an annual highlight in Milton, drew generous contributions from local workplaces, donors, and sponsors, all deeply rooted in the town.

The primary objective of the tournament has always been to rally support for the United Way Halton & Hamilton, an organization committed to aiding individuals and families in need through critical programs and services. Year after year, participants demonstrate unwavering dedication to enhancing the lives of those who depend on these vital resources.

Since its inception, the Mayor's Golf Tournament for United Way in Milton has amassed a substantial sum, now surpassing an impressive $3.2 million in contributions to local annual United Way campaigns. These funds are thoughtfully directed towards United Way-approved social service agency programs to assist Milton residents and their families.

Brad Park, President and CEO of United Way Halton & Hamilton, emphasized the profound impact of community support, stating, "We know that nothing matters more than community. At United Way, we address the challenges that individuals and families are facing daily. Through a collective effort with our esteemed partners, we strive to design solutions that foster the well-being of those who call this community home. In Milton, individuals encountering significant barriers can access vital support from programs, ensuring they receive the assistance they need."

Furthermore, Park pointed out that the Mayor's Golf Tournament is a prime example of how United Way events demonstrate the remarkable impact that the local community can make when united in support of their families, friends, and neighbours.

Looking ahead, United Way Halton & Hamilton is gearing up for their next community initiative. On September 16, 2023, during their annual Plane Pull event, they formally announced their fundraising goal for 2023/2024, underlining their commitment to creating measurable and impactful change in the community.

United Way Halton & Hamilton plays a pivotal role in identifying and addressing the most pressing issues in the community by uniting people and resources. Their dedication to the betterment of the community remains unwavering, setting a shining example of what collective action can achieve.

Shazia Nazir, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Milton Reporter, Milton Reporter